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Leads Marketplace, What it is & Why You Need it


Leads Marketplace, What it is & Why You Need it

The leads marketplace is the hot spot for scoring major leads quickly, easily and at a reasonable price.

Every marketer knows that without leads, even the most dynamic campaign is worth less than nothing. 

So take a little bit of your time in to learn about how to access endless amount of leads. 

Here is a straightforward Leads Marketplace 101 to get you started.

What is the Leads Marketplace?

As the name suggest, a leads marketplace is a network of lead vendors that businesses can turn to as a source of acquiring leads.

Optinize can help with that by cleaning, validating and focusing the leads for you so you are left with a database full of quality potentials.

The marks of a good leads marketplace include:

  • A large subscriber base – This is the number of leads that you could potentially be acquiring. The larger the base, the greater the potential for you to find profitable leads.
  • Multiple leads sources – You can’t get blood from a stone. And you can’t possibly expect to acquire a large quantity of leads from a few paltry sources. The more leads sources, the more leads you’ll have to choose from.
  • Analytics tools – This toolbox is not unlike your own analytics tools. It will measure your niche audience needs and weight them against the leads sources to deliver the most appropriate leads for your business. Nobody wants a bunch of irrelevant leads, that’s worse than no leads at all! In addition, analytics tools can show you which lead sources are being most profitable for you. This way, you can focus your budget on them and forget about the ones that aren’t panning out.
  • Tracking tools – Part of quality analytics is being able to track your leads once the journey has begun. Tracking tools give you the ability to see which leads are responding to which campaigns and in what manner. This allows you to market even better, grouping customers into targeted marketing lists and engaging them on a more personalized level for the best conversion possible.
Why Do I Need a Leads Marketplace?

Lead management programs are brilliant at keeping leads organized. They allow you to create smart marketing lists, and tailor marketing campaigns to cater to a specific niche, personality or even individual behavior pattern.

Good software can help you analyze data, compare results and tweak website elements for maximum efficacy. Yes. This type of service is an invaluable asset to any business that wishes to expand, flourish and succeed in today’s competitive market.

But there’s one catch: you need to have leads to work with.

Even if you have all the tools at your disposal with no or scant leads to run through the lead management program is useless. You’re all dressed up, but have no one to market to. Crafting the perfect customer journey and targeting your email campaign for optimal click-thru rates, and designing an award-winning website with interactive and comprehensive elements is worthless if you don’t have the leads to travel those journeys, open the emails and explore your site.

So once you have your world class marketing campaign honed, lists created and rules defined, it’s time to hit the marketplace and see what kind of leads are biting today.

Visit Optinize for a one stop shop that can deliver quality leads, organize your database and help you optimize your every marketing move to perfection.

Wanna take it for a ride?

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