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How to Supersize Your Small Business With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation for small business 

Marketing automation is the hottest thing to happen in marketing since colored flyers.

But, like most innovative technologies, small businesses won’t get a chance to taste this fine vintage.

Or will they?…

Marketing automation is being heralded as the small business’ marketing messiah.

But why should it be any different? 

  • Marketing automation has the potential to transform any marketing team into a powerhouse.
  • The technology is the answer to every small business owner’s desire for a bigger, faster, more efficient team.
  • Marketing automation is intrinsically different than anything you’ve ever worked with.So you can focus more on growing rather than doing. 
  • Affordable marketing automation tools let small businesses shine.

Also, while we appreciate the personal touch of a small business, minimal manpower is also its biggest weakness. Fewer people doing things means fewer things get done.

What’s more, most small businesses don’t have the budget for innovative tools to automate basic tasks, so much is done manually. This means tasks take longer, are more prone to human error and require manpower to achieve. Of course, you can outsource those truly mind-numbing tasks, but quality will usually suffer.

How will you benefit from marketing automation?

Marketing automation is outsourcing of a different design. You are still taking the boring tasks and shifting them off the marketing team’s plate, but you’re putting them into the most competent, thorough and reliable hands possible.

In fact, marketing automation software will invariably do a better job on the small tasks than a human task force ever could. MA will also provide your team with the ability to do things they couldn’t have done without automation. So you get more effective work, save money (by not paying employees to spend hours doing them), save time (since machines do these tasks instantaneously) and you free up your marketing team for more important tasks like creating awesome marketing campaigns. Now that’s technology on fire!

But Wait, There’s More

As we said, marketing automation helps you do things you never could have done before it came into your life. In addition to reducing tasks, saving time and eliminating inconsistencies, marketing automation introduces tools and resources that are normally inaccessible to the small businesses on a budget. For example, you can:

  • Do real-time marketing based on fluctuating lead behavior – this includes setting up rules for frequent communications with leads, across multiple platforms and in a responsive manner that nurtures each lead as an individual and as they browse.
  • Direct your sales team with clear signals to ripe leads.
  • Streamline the entire marketing process, converging all tools, information and resources in one place.
  • Offer unique benefits such as cross-selling and surveys.
  • Foster return marketing with past customers.
  • Become a superstar at measuring and analysis.
Some Numbers and Statistics

If you need numbers to convince yourself (or your superiors), look at a recent ANNUITAS Group report stating companies that implemented marketing automation experienced an overwhelming 451% increase in qualified leads. There are just no words to counter productivity like that! (The report also shows a 77% increase in revenue and 53% better conversion.) 60% of marketers work in teams of 5 people or less so turbocharge your marketing team with one “member” that will give a boost to the rest.

Marketers are quickly realizing the value of marketing automation, and now it’s your turn. Optinize has the marketing automation toolbox to help you track, organize and maximize your lead potential. Contact us now, and let’s find out just how successful your business can be.

Wanna take it for a ride?

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