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Co-Registration & Co-Sponsorship: 2 Handy Lead Acquisition Types

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There are plenty of ways to generate leads, from contests to events and networking. Two frequently overlooked lead acquisition types that can be surprisingly productive are co-registration and co-sponsorship. Read on to find out more about these techniques and if they’re the right lead generation solution for you.

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What is it?

Co-registration can best be described as the marketing world’s way of sharing leads. When someone signs up for a service, they are presented with other available services or promotions that they can choose to opt in or out of. Ideally, the additional services will be timely and relevant, based on the user’s input or current site location (i.e. the original site that they came to and signed up for).

How it works

There is generally a flat-rate that partner sites will pay for the co-registration, as this is a mutually beneficial opportunity. The second site gets a whole new channel for collecting leads, while the original site gains by monetizing their sign up page (an otherwise unprofitable area).

These are the most important factors to look at when considering co-registration:

  • If it’s not clear, people will simply leave. Keep things short and simple, don’t ask for too much information (specifically personal details), minimize the steps (preferably one) and make the process easy to opt in (just a click box).
  • Relevance will almost always directly correlate to lead quality. The more relevant an offer/site, the better quality leads they will generate. If your offer is not relevant to the clientele visiting the partner site, then this lead source might bring in a lot of potential leads, but it will probably not produce any significant number of quality leads.
  • Is this a generic offer that the partner agency can deliver to any number of services like yourself? If so, you’ll be competing with lots of competition for the same lead and you should probably skip this partnership altogether.
  • Leads need to be fresh in order to remain relevant. If the agency is taking weeks to deliver data, leads may forget that they even signed up for your service or they might lose interest in the interim. Demand real-time data transfer or at least regular batching to ensure you can get to the leads while they’re still relevant and interested.


Should you use co-registration? Here are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Doesn’t conflict, distract or take away from any of your other possible lead generation strategies.
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance.


What is it?

Co-sponsoring is another form of lead acquisition. In simple terms, you are paying for (at least part of) a campaign of some sort that will gather leads. Once those leads have been collected, the database is yours to do with as you see fit. This is a fabulous way of creating a new database from scratch or rapidly growing an existing one.

How it Works

Co-sponsoring can come in many different forms, and that’s one reason companies like the idea. It gives you the ability to reach out and brand yourself in a way that your brand can really shine. Here are a few common examples that your company can expand upon:

  • Sponsor a survey to acquire the people who are answering the survey as leads.
  • Help fund an advertising campaign, giving you access to the data gleaned.
  • Sponsor an event that will give your brand center stage, great PR and a good feeling as well.


  • Significantly expands your reach.
  • More targeted for greater results.
  • Usually more cost efficient, no per-lead charges, only pay for new data.
  • You own the leads.

Is co-registration or co-sponsorship the right approach for you? Let the stellar lead generation team at Optinize help you make this important decision towards growing your database today. Then find out more about how Optinize can maximize your marketing efforts with efficient, well-organized, constantly managed lead generation and database services that will change the way you do business forever.

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