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Behavioral Marketing Technology: The Key to Customized Marketing


,Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing is the key for successful marketing

Birds are chirping, alarm clocks are ringing and your dedicated marketing team is already hard at work nurturing potential customers. Regardless of what time they rise, though, there’s always more to do. Data to analyze, campaigns to create, leads to observe.


What if you could press a magic button and all those tedious, time-consuming, but crucial tasks could be accomplished for you?

Well, that magic spell is called behavioral marketing, and this oh-so-real innovation might be your ticket to marketing breakthroughs.

Interested? Read on to find out why this new concept is sweeter than honey to anyone looking to expand their business today.

What is Behavioral Marketing Technology & How Does it Work

Behavioral Marketing technology is a new tool that is completely transforming the way the world does business. The overall system is complex, but the basic idea isn’t. In short, the technology monitors your customers’ behavior on a constant basis. Actions like, logging sites, specific page visits, past purchases and similar activity across the web. Moreover, you can track email activity, such as when a customer opens an email, clicks on a link and track actions related to the email campaign. (This alone can be a useful tool, helping marketers tweak their campaign based on email success, etc.)

As a result.

You can use all this information to determine which marketing campaigns would be most effective for these particular patterns of behavior, the system then automatically organizes this data into dynamic audiences containing customers with similar behavior.

Now your team can create custom emails with relevant content based on a particular lead’s behavior in real time.

Taking things further, 

The system can switch customers from one campaign to another depending on their behavior. So, if this customer changes his pattern of behavior (often a sign that they’re shifting gears in the sales funnel), the system will update itself and the customer will automatically jump from one marketing campaign to another, ensuring that they receive the most relevant emails/marketing techniques to bring them closer to the final actionable point.


Why this is Your Key to Getting Ahead

The reason this system is truly revolutionary is because it is impossible to accomplish this type of super-customized marketing via human endeavor. Because this is a moment to moment real-time system, a person/marketing team would have to be tracking the customer’s behavior 24/7, exporting the data and manually updating the customer to the relevant marketing list all at one time. And that would have to be done for each and every single customer a company has!

To sum up, here are just a few ways behavioral marketing technology can enhance even the best marketing team:

  • Monitor each customer’s behavior for patterns, preferences, likes and dislikes.
  • Determine the most effective marketing technique for displayed patterns.
  • Automatically update databases so that your marketing campaigns are highly relevant
  • Monitor campaign success rates, report efficacy and help tailor campaigns for maximum results.
  • Switch customers from one campaign to another based on behavior and effectiveness.
  • Save you time and money by automating these processes.

Even without the extra help, behavioral marketing can help you cut expenses, maximize your marketing team’s time by focusing their efforts on creating stellar campaigns and generate the most sales possible within your given scenario. Read the complete guide to behavioral segmentation. If you are still not convinced, read “The Importance of Customer Personalization“.

Start expanding your reach, your borders and your imagination because, with the help of Optinize and our team of experts who excel at generating, managing, organizing and even tracking customers for you, there’s no telling how high you can reach! Start Free trial today!

Wanna take it for a ride?

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