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Why Email Marketing is Key to Your Business’ Success


Email Marketing: Your Window to Business Success

If you’re looking to promote, monetize and grow your business, there are two words you need to know. EMAIL MARKETING.

Without any exaggerations, email marketing is the single most successful way to convert leads and potential customers into clients.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, then read on to find out why email marketing is key to your business’ success and how to get on that bandwagon fast!

A Numbers Game

Before we get into strategies and tactics, let’s get some numbers on the board to give you an idea of what we’re talking about:

– Email marketing shows a 4300% ROI, based on a recent DMA study.
– 70% of people asked say that they use coupons or codes sent to them via email.
– 60% of people asked say the number one reason for subscribing to a business email list is to receive the promotions and special offers.
– Studies have further shown that leads acquired via an email marketing campaign are more likely to stay loyal to your brand over long periods of time.

Is your business sense starting to tingle? These stats paint a vivid picture about what you need to be doing to achieve success in today’s Internet-bound world; design, implement and monitor an email marketing campaign to suit your audience now.

Lifting the Smoke Screen

These are some tremendous figures and claims, so, naturally, they beg the question, what gives? Are these statistics for real? Rest assured, the numbers are a true and accurate depiction of the selling power of email marketing. And no, this is not some magic trick that high-profile markets have learned to spin.

When you strip away all of the components, you are left with a basic premise: email marketing hits consumers at the heart of their daily activity – their email Inbox.

Rather than letting their message compete with the cacophony of ads, images and conversations streams that are constantly in flux on social media sites. This direct contact marketing allows marketers to have a private, one on one conversation with a lead.

In addition, email marketing is targeted, measurable, cost-effective and easy to share, making it an optimal sales conversion technique.

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

What you put in your emails is, of course, also an important factor. Don’t just bombard your customers with sales copy constantly. Add quality content to the mix of coupons, combine useful information and light entertainment that your audience will enjoy along with the promo codes and this season’s hottest deals. If appropriate to your clientele, send out a monthly newsletter with updates and relevant data about your industry/brand. Limit videos, images and infographics as these will take a lot of load time, something most people don’t have patience for.
Note: We didn’t say DON’T use images. Graphics are a proven tools for converting sales, so use them properly and within reason.

Let Optinize Maximize Your Business

Business is booming, and it might as well be yours.

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