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Sending SMS Message

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SMS is a very personal way to communicate with your contacts. Sending a message to someone’s phone is, potentially, very impactful, and may be the closest automation comes to personal touch.

The SMS feature in Optinize, wielded carefully, can help you reach out to contacts at the most opportune moments, or empower them to subscribe on the fly. We’ll review how to set up SMS messaging, and share some powerful use cases.

On the main SMS screen, you can see the SMS campaigns you previously created. Clicking on the 3 dots next to your SMS message allows you to send or schedule the campaign, edit, preview, copy, organize in folders (“move to category”) or send a test SMS to see how it looks before sending.


The first step to create SMS campaign is to provide the SMS title, sender name and to select the list/segment of people to would like to send the SMS to. You can always change this later, if you’d like.


  • SMS title is for you to easily understand what the SMS is about.
  • Sender name is the from name that appears on the SMS message so that customers can understand who is it from.
  • List/segment is where you set to whom this SMS campaign will be sent. You can easily target a subset of contacts within your larger list if you’d like to send a particular message pertinent to their interests.

Note: All pre-existing segments will display via the drop down by default. These segments are created using the Advanced Search under the Contacts page.

Tip: If you’re just getting started with SMS, it is best to create a new segment to keep these contacts separate. Creating a fresh segment will enable you to quickly see how many people are utilizing your SMS option.

Once set, click next to proceed to step 2.

On this screen you can type in the text message you would like to send. Same as on email campaign you can add emojis and personalization to increase customer engagement.

It’s important to remember that SMS through Optinize is a broadcast option. This means SMS responses are NOT saved. It’s important you’ll add an unsubscribe link to allow customers to unsubscribe.

The bottom of the SMS customization screen will tell you how many available credits you have on your account, as well as detail how many credits messages cost based on location and SMS length.

If you need more credits, simply click through the “Purchase” button to add more.

Last step, the Campaign Summary will let you know if you have any last-minute issues to resolve. You can select “Save & Exit” if you’d like to return to your campaign later, Or, simply click “Send Now” to send your sms campaign!


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