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4 Reasons Your Business Need an Email Newsletter Now

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Email is pretty popular, and by pretty popular, we mean about 1.9 billion users popular –  not a number to sneeze at. No doubt.

As a matter of fact,

With so many people situated around a single channel, wouldn’t it be the obvious first choice for communication or directing a marketing campaign? In case you have your doubts about the importance of an email newsletter, take a look at some of the ways that this marketing tool is the key to unlocking your success.

Why a Newsletter is Important

An email newsletter is the best form of communication for both customers and potential leads because subscribers are on their email every single day, multiple times a day, so your message will get to them quickly and consistently. Additionally, email newsletters are helpful in:

Relationship Building:

The number one best way to bring in, nurture, convert and maintain a lead is by building a relationship. If you had to choose between a no-name company or one that has been in frequent contact with you, giving you advice, telling you about sales and conversing with you on a weekly basis, which one are you going to use when the time comes to make the purchase? Use your newsletter to build the relationship before or between purchases, and you will have a customer for life.

Brand Awareness/Recall:

In today’s eight second-attention span generation, brands go in one ear and out the other faster than a surfer can switch channels, which is why it is crucial to remind your audience that you are there, all the time. Keep your business in the front of their minds with a friendly reminder in the form of an email newsletter. This will help you stay fresh. In addition, you can increase your brand awareness with a newsletter by telling people what you company is about and how your services can benefit them. (Tip: Add links to encourage further exploration into your company/service.)

Highlighting Expertise:

Showcase your value to the consumer and the market by establishing yourself as an industry leader. Provide quality content that will actually help your newsletter recipients solve problems, answers questions or make decisions more easily. Not only will you be creating a name for yourself, but you’ll build confidence through your expertise. (Tip: Add in details about conferences where you’ll be speaking.)


Newsletters are a great place to highlight sales, new products and exciting offers. (Tip: Run exclusive newsletter offers for greater loyalty.)

Just in case you weren’t already on your laptop drafting the first outline of your newsletter, here are just a few more great reasons to use an email newsletter:

  • One of the easiest marketing tools to customize and expand.
  • Cost efficient. No paper, no printing, no delivering.
  • Environmentally friendly! No cutting trees, no paper, no garbage, no smog.
  • 68% of marketers say that email marketing is the center of their marketing success (interestingly enough 76% of marketers say that mobile email marketing is king).

Newsletter subscribers are either customers who have made purchase(s) with you in the past or potentials leads that can be nurtured through the sales funnel. Either way, the stronger your subscriber base, the more sales your business is able to generate.

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