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What Are email leads & How Do They Affect Your Sales Funnel


What Are email leads  & How Do They Affect Your Sales Funnel

Email leads (AKA subscribers). You’re constantly hearing about them, how important they are, what you can do to convert them, how to bring in more of themץ

But even if you’re a professional marketer, you might not really have a good grasp on what an email lead is or how they truly affect your sales funnel.

Let’s take a closer look at this all important aspect of your overall marketing plan.

What are email leads?

An email lead is someone who has expressed interest in your product or service in some way. This could be via signing up for your newsletter, answering questions on a survey you created or even clicking ‘Like’ on your Facebook page.


Email leads aren’t quite ready to buy anything just yet, but they are interested in hearing more about your product.

Email leads & Your Sales Funnel

In today’s short-attention span society, it is increasingly difficult to even attract a potential buyer’s attention, let alone convert them to a customer.

For this reason, many businesses will accumulate massive databases filled with leads. Even ones who have shown a minimal interest in their product.

By nurturing these potential leads, companies have actually increased sales considerably, turning subscribers into real profit.


How to Capitalize on Your Email Leads Database

At the lead stage of the process, a potential customer has already identified a certain need or lack, and he is now looking for a solution to his problem. Enter the Information Stage. You have to give the email lead enough information to illustrate that your product is that solution he is seeking.

So essentially, the goal and process of handling a subscriber is to systematically feed him the information and incentives he needs to move him steadily through the sales funnel into the final conversion stage that brings him from Subscriber to Customer.

Here are a few basics steps towards achieving that goal.

Answer the question they are asking; fill the need or solve the problem they have

Any email lead already has a problem that he is trying to solve. Whether it’s an issue that your product can alleviate or a desire that your service can fulfill, give the subscriber all the reasons and ways that you are the answer he has been looking for. Do this in an informative, helpful and friendly manner. Hard sale is not the goal at this stage of the game.

Utilize email marketing for further reach. 

Email marketing is a great method because it allows you to reach mass email leads with a single effort. Smart marketers use tools that will personalize and adjust the marketing campaign to fit specific criteria, even fluctuating ones. This also gives you more frequent contact, keeping your potentials engaged.

Give away integral information…for free. 

That’s right. Sometimes giving them a taste of what you really have to offer can bring a lot more sales. When in fact, you show leads your value by incrementally handing out useful tips, important solutions or effective techniques that you use to solve their problems. Don’t worry, most people will opt for the package deal that lets someone else take care of their issues; giving away some of your secret weapons is just showing them you can.

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