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Drip Campaigns: 10 Magical Tips You’ll Want to Grab

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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns: 10 Magical Tips you’ll want to grab

We’ve all been through it. The annoying telemarketer that traps you on the line, rambling on and on about some fabulous promotion. You can tell he’s reading from a script. The agenda is clear – convert this lead and move on to the next one.

But what if things could be different? What if an online ad was genuinely geared towards helping you with your problem? What if talking to a marketer was like having a conversation with your friend, someone who really cared? Now that would be a real game-changer.

Making the Shift in a Few Easy Steps

There’s no hocus pocus involved in good sales talk, but there are some basic principles to keep in mind before launching your next drip campaigns:

Engage across channels

Wherever your customers are, be there to converse with them on every level, from mobile to email and social posting forums.

Plan, personalize, and customize

By planning the campaign properly, you can connect the various interactions of individual users across the devices they use and via any channel they frequent. You can utilize information gathered via customer behavior tracking software to send relevant messages in real time to the consumer at the exact perfect moment. The end result is an overall impression that visitors feels like the experience was tailor-made for them. Cha-ching.

Listen to customers

Nobody wants you to just nod and smile. Hear what they’re saying, really listen to their concerns and complaints, and customers will feel the attention you’re giving them.

Know your customer’s needs

The goal of listening is to give your customers the feeling of being heard, and it’s also an opportunity for you to see what those customers really want and need. Once you know what somebody needs, you can target your product to fulfill those needs, catering to the specific void that need is filling.

Map journeys

By walking a mile in your customer’s shoes you can easily predict and address pitfalls or issues that customers will encounter along the way.

Optimize the customer journey

Gear all of your campaign moves towards fulfilling another step in the journey. This will maximize your efforts and yield the best results.

Move them forward in the journey

By following customer actions, you can actually move them along the journey more quickly and comfortably. If you notice that someone is looking for information about a specific product or model, for example, then sending a relevant white paper or a link to the right landing page is a helpful resource that the customer will appreciate, and it will provide the answers they need to move forward to the next stage of the journey.


Measure the effects of your campaigns to see which actions are working and which are not. Test various messaging times, frequency, platforms, and wording. And don’t be afraid to scrap an idea if it isn’t proving useful.

Turn customer data into actions

Utilize tools like journey builders, message personalization, and channel integration to maximize every move you make. Use predictive, responsive technology to deliver relevant messages in real-time to each customer.

Build 1:1 relationships

Most importantly, make sure that whatever you do fosters a personalized experience. Keep the customer in mind at every step, and really make them feel like the communications and actions are real one-on-one interactions.

Follow these top tips from the experts at Optinize and transform your standard market talk into a heart to heart chat with friends (or at least one that feels like it) for conversion magic.

Wanna take it for a ride?

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