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5 Explosive Powers of Database Marketing

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5 Explosive Powers of Database Marketing

Before we even get into the idea of database marketing, lets understand why we need one;

From a marketing standpoint, the main goal of maintaining any client database is to keep the lines of communication between your company and anyone who has expressed interest in your brand.

For subscribers marketing, the math is pretty simple;

While a click lasts for only a few minutes (hopefully), while a subscriber lasts… well… for as long as you are relevant.

With database marketing it’s all about keeping your company at the front of your potential customers’ minds.  Newsletters, coupons, sales, updates, eBooks; use everything you’ve got to keep your readers interested. This way, you can almost guarantee that they will think of you when looking to make a purchase in your industry.

Still on the fence? keep reading.

Prospective Customers in a Nutshell

Now that you understand the big picture, what’s in it for you?

In general, companies use a variety of means to obtain people’s contact information. Once this information is acquired, it is recorded into a database for easy referencing. It’s easy to understand why marketers would want to keep tabs on people who’ve already purchased/used their services. But here are a few reasons why building a database for your potential clients is a great marketing move:

1.       Keeping Tabs:

With the right tools, a business can keep close tabs on potential clients and gently push them forward on your sales funnel.

This way, you can plan your messages for:

  • New subscribers
  • Active subscribers who have opened your email but didn’t click 
  • Active subscribers who have opened your email,  clicked but didn’t purchase
  • New customers.
  • Inactive customers

As a result of proper segmentation you can take the next all-important step of….

2.      Personalizing Promotions:

Also known as targeted marketing, being able to personalize your promotions with the most relevant offers (ex. trial demo or specific product promotion) based on certain key factors that you have culled from your database research can make the integral difference between a lead turning cold and one that matures into a full-fledged customer.

With this in mind, new subscribers get email X with Y promotion, Active subscribers who have opened your email but didn’t click get email X1 with Y1 Promotion and those who purchased get email X3 with promotion Y3 and…. so on.

3.      Maximizing Efficiency:

Since database marketing collects information about customer behavior (email open/ click) as well as customer actions (purchased). You can identify the need or interest of every customer and deliver the right message.

With an up to date database you can easily plan your moves and avoid costly duplicate marketing attempts to dead leads.

Finally, you know you are sending the right message, at the right time. Now, it’s time to check your lead sources and allocate your budget based on performance. Nice huh?

4.     Testing & Increased Business Opportunities:

Database marketing gives you the ability to test various marketing campaigns and rate how well or how poorly they do among possible clients.

With acquired knowledge from a potential client database, businesses are able to see new marketing opportunities or niches or product development opportunities based on feedback.

5.     Scalability:

With the information clearly organized into a database,  multiple staff members can work on a set of leads without having to rely on one specific person to give over the information.

In conclusion, database marketing is all about building quality relationships with your customers. Better communication based on aggregated knowledge is the key.

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