Lead Segmentation Lead Segmentation for Colossal Lead Conversion Sending the wrong email to the wrong person can be not only embarrassing, but can cause a lost of profit.  This is why segmentation is so important to your lead nurturing campaigns. When you nurture leads the right way, you are shortening the amount of time a lead […]

Email Automation Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation: What’s The Difference? Every marketer knows that email is a key component to any of your campaign efforts. No professional worth his salt would dream of drawing up a marketing campaign without this all-important tool. So what’s all the buzz lately about email marketing being outdated and what […]

Step-by-step Guide: Customer Engagement Marketing The Million Dollar Question: What is the best way to engage with your customers? Gone are the days that a silver-tongued salesman could sell ice to an Eskimo and walk away grinning! Today, consumers have all the resources at the tips of their fingers, and they expect a hell of a […]

Marketing Automation and Multi-Channel Marketing It’s no secret that marketing automation is the next game-changing tool for retail and for general marketing. To make sure we are on the same page.  Marketing automation is software that automates the marketing process in a radical way by incorporating personalized messaging into the “decision process.” It allows marketers […]