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Email Marketing Meet On-Site Optimization

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Behavioral email marketing

Behavioral email marketing | Superpower your email campaigns

You’ve referenced the data to create an infallible email campaign. You launch, and the lead clicks through. Victory!

You’ve successfully completed your job as a marketer, right? Wrong.

Yes, you could stop there, hand the task over to your sales team or the web dev department, but you’d be selling yourself short.

That would be like rounding third but calling in a pinch runner to go home. In fact, on-site optimization is just another branch of marketing that, if used properly, can increase your ROI by a humbling 300%.

So if you’d like to go that extra step that will actually advance you by miles, then take a look at how you can use behavioral email marketing for a profit grand slam.

The Importance of Bringing Customer Behavior Into Email

What some marketers fail to incorporate, despite their knack for creating compelling email content, is the next step method of thinking.

In other words.

It’s not enough to just bring a lead to your site, they’ve got to be ushered in with the appropriate fanfare and direction to continue the subtle and effective process towards the end of the sales funnel. The best way to do this is by incorporating the right links, URL’s, forms and elements within the email that they are receiving. It’s the difference between sending someone an invitation to a party and actually giving them the right password to get in.

Data is a Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said diamonds is behind the times. Nowadays, if you’ve got data, you’ve got the winning lottery ticket in hand. Many marketers make the mistake of only utilizing their crucial behavior-driven data to craft compelling and relevant email content. Why not keep going with the targeting though? On-site elements can also feature tailored content to appeal to your niche audiences more. In other words, don’t just stop collecting, analyzing and testing data once you’ve brought the leads to your site. Keep gathering the information to see what’s working and what’s not, throw in new elements to see if/what changes and keep testing and recording to maximize user experience.

A Loaded Toolbox Helps

Data-collecting software is plentiful, and it can give you the edge you need to really understand your customers. Things like heat maps, browsing history and click tracking will open you up to insights about your potentials that will invariably lead to more productive time spent by both you, the marketer and them, the customers. It’s a win-win situation, so don’t be afraid to use those tools to your advantage. Craft email to include unique URLs or landing pages that speak specifically to that segment. In this way, you are continuing to direct them on a more tailored journey that is catering directly to them.

Mobile Generation

When crafting your stellar email marketing campaigns, don’t forget to incorporate mobile users. Studies have shown that anywhere between 53%-65% of email is opened on a mobile device. So you’re talking about more than half of the emails sent being viewed on handheld devices. It stands to reason, then, that you should be directing these users to mobile-specific landing pages. This will deliver a fabulous user experience as well. Use the same logic and approach to segmenting, testing and analyzing your data from these users, and tweak as you see fit.

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