We’re a lot like you.

We believe in working hard, lending a hand wherever we can, never settling for what worked in the past, and always reaching for a better way to do things.

Oh, we’re also humans, just like you. Which means we’ll always stay grounded with humans, empathize with humans, and talk using human words, not robot words.

We’ve built a platform around businesses just like yours. Every line of code was written based on business needs and tested on billions of customer interactions. We’ve made it easy for you to perform your marketing actions with maximum results and minimum effort.

So, what is Optinize?

Optinize is a customer engagement platform that automatically turns customer behavior into effective personalized interactions. Our platform brings you closer to your customers so you can get all the benefits of a one on one customer connection, on a mass scale.

We're on a mission.

We won’t stop until every business gets a taste of how we can help them. We’re breaking barriers and finally putting the most advanced automation and insights technology in the hands of businesses that want to eat revenue goals for breakfast.

We're self-funded. Really.

It took us 5 years to perfect our platform. Without external funding, we needed to prove ourselves every step of the way. That means increasing revenue, boost sales and improving engagement rates for each one of our 100+ pilot customers. All so we can build the most powerful Marketing Automation platform that exceeds any expectations.

Award winning technology

Capterra (the go-to software review platform) has awarded Optinize in it's Top 20 Marketing Automation Software for two years in a raw and counting…
We’re not all about the accolades, though. For us, the real wins come every time our customers thrive because of what we’re building, and that’s pretty darn cool.

Let’s talk about how we can help your business