Marketing Automation

Automation saves your time, money, and resources while maximizing your desired end results.

Give your customers the experience they deserve.

Never miss the important stuff again. Track every customer's actions and respond in time, even when you're not there.

Trigger automation with your rules

Automate smart follow ups

Go omni-channel

Integrate your favorite apps

Automate your marketing in a few simple clicks

Connect, engage, and relate to every customer on a personal level with smarter and easier marketing automation.

Marketing harmony from day one.

Make sure the right people get the right information by turning data into personal interactions using live segmentation. When you improve your targeting, you can build stronger connections and grow your business.

Map exactly what's happening in your automations

Guide customers forward in their journey, delivering relevant content that evolves with each customer based on behavior, actions and response to your messages.

Measure and improve

See all your actions in a single, birds-eye view. Identify funnel leaks, improve conversions, measure offers, landing pages, content, call-to-action and ROI.

The tools that fit your marketing today… and tomorrow

Drag & drop email builder

Create super personalized and beautiful emails with an easy to use Drag & drop email builder.

Automation workflows

Design automated messages that guide every customer through a unique customer journey.

Multi-channel marketing

Make all channels work together around the customer's needs, interest and actions.

Live segmentation

Target the right people to send exactly what your contacts want to see, when they want to see it.

Site tracking

What are people doing on your website? Track actions on your site, then follow up with triggered messages.

Other tools

When you plug Optinize into your other tools, you’ll never miss the important stuff happening there, too.

Personalized content

Change offers, colors, text and landing pages to create a unique experience on the customer's terms.

Rich reporting

Understand what's working and what needs improvement across the entire customer life cycle.

Landing pages

Create and display highly targeted landing pages to provide a seamless and consistent experience, anywhere, anytime.

Reach your audience with ease